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New Town, New Forum, New Friends

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  • New Town, New Forum, New Friends

    I have been an avid follower of the Chargers for going on 30 years (has it really been that long?)...

    I have visited many forums, argued, discussed football, the team, owners, players and known fellowship of the online community in those years. I have attended Chargers events that I would not have imagined I could because of the forums. The forums are a place where people can talk about the team, gnash teeth at losses and celebrate the victories, all from the comfort of your own home. While they are not for everyone, they are in my opinion and important avenue for the modern NFL, and thus Chargers fan.

    With the recent move of the Chargers to the Big City of Los Angeles many forums turned into a place where only the voice of the people who followed San Diego to talk. Many of whom say they would welcome the San Diego Raiders, or any other team. Being a Chargers fan, I needed a place to talk about the team going forward, a place where I did not have to see every post attacked because it did not denounce the evils of the Chargers and the ownership.

    I am glad to say that the forum I have found for that is I have visited many times in the past, lurking in the past but never diving into the community as I have now. But I am here, for better or worse... I am not one to really inhabit multiple forums at a time. This as I have found is a community where people share the love for football and the ups and downs of the Chargers. A community of people who are casual fans and some who should be coaching fundamentals at some level but all with one thing in common. A love for the game, the team, the players and the forum they call home.

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    Thanks man. Glad you made it over.