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    Is Madden 22 worth getting? I'm considering getting it when the price drops.


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      My thread is back! Not sure on Madden, I haven't played it in a long time.

      I am currently playing Metroid Dread and Dead by Daylight which is a cool horror themed asymmetrical online game where one side is a killer and there is a team of four survivors that have to try to work together and escape.
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        Haven't played Madden for a long time either...years. I've been playing Red Dead Redemption 2 a lot though. Having a lot of fun with it.


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          I'm a Division 2 player I have not found another game like it in PVE - Division 2 is a good game they have player vs player and the game itself where you play against the AI with other players in clans or join a random group at anytime. On the heroic and Legendary LVs the AI are very strong. You can play lone-wolf if you want. PVP is usually full of cheater like in all shooter games but its not the main part of the game its more optional and they have special areas called Dark Zones where players can go rogue killing any player at random.

          There are different factions to fight and the streets of Washington and New York stay alive with the enemy all the time.You find different enemies depending on the mission or the area of the city you are in both NY and Washington (NY is a expansion pack called warlords of New York)
          The different groups to fight
          Outcasts - they have flame throwers and suicide bombers grenadiers with fire bombs and shooters controllers (remote exploding mini car they send at you) fire is their weapon - some of the groups also have snipers
          Cleaners another fire group they have rushers , flame throwers, and some tech in a drone bomber that sneaks up on you and mortars that launch a fiery goo at you
          True Sons - who are a shooter group with turrets and grenadiers and a healer picking up the enemy when you kill them and snipers.
          Hyenas - Rushers ( female and high on something) grenadiers turrets and healers snipers
          Rikers - rushers grenadiers snipers heavy machine gunners
          The elite group is Black Tusk who invade every Tuesday which you battle them back out of the city there are also Black Tusk Missions in the game usually strong holds
          The have Tech - robot dogs that are dangerous , sniper dogs , machine gun dogs and mortar dogs - Controllers ( an enemy) with Robots that fires mortars at you a healer who drops a healing box snipers rusher grenadiers you name it they have it all.
          You find your gear and weapons by battling the enemy and upgrading it. You can't but weapons or gear you have to work for it so its fair rich people don't have an advantage.
          They also have big group missions with up to 8 players player against the AI in Missions called raids.

          If you like shooter games you will like this one but it takes time to get use too and to get the gear you want. They show you what gear and weapons are dropping in parts of the city so you can target what you want by looking at the map and going to that area or mission to fight.

          The enemy drops the gear and weapons when killed - you can also find gear and weapons and even fabricate them.
          The War Lords expansion is a must to be up to date with the game and access New York.

          I also wanted to add its mostly older players that I meet even 70 year olds who want to play soldier so it is an old mans game where we can still be hero's - I'm 59