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Requesting help/encouragement for a veteran brother.

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  • Requesting help/encouragement for a veteran brother.

    Hey everyone. I just sent this text to my brother, but I thought I would reach out to all of you who still live in San Diego as well. I can give you his cell number if any of you want to reach out to him directly.

    Good morning! I normally wouldnít ask this of anyone, but I have a friend who just traveled out to San Diego who may or may not be in a tight spot here pretty soon. His name is Billy and heís a stand-up comedian, comedy booker/promoter and Navy veteran. He has had a lot of the same issues I have with PTSD and his daughters. A year ago, he tried to kill himself. He got through that, got married and none of us knew this but he became addicted to pills after his suicide attempt. He went to a rehab in Utah in June thru July. The Utah place referred him to a place called Apex in S.D. where he is now. A bunch of us comedians here in Tulsa crowd-funded his travel out there so he could get the help he needs. When he got there, he found out that the Utah place was still billing his insurance which caused him some problems at the place he is now. They are threatening to kick him out and send him to another place in Escondido called Summit or something like that. Iím not asking you for money or anything like that. He has no one out there to offer moral support and doesnít know anyone there. Heís trying to get on EBT so he can feed himself. I wanted to ask if you could get some supportive people together to let him know heís not stuck out there all alone. Like maybe the Horans, Nuttings, etc. Heís a good friend of mine, not looking for handouts and doesnít even know Iím talking to you about this. Heís a proud guy & I donít want him to feel isolated. Thanks for anything you can think of and if you donít want to help, thatís ok too.

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    I forgot to add that, even though he isnít from California, heí's also a Charger fan.