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I'm done with Nike, Adidas.....

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  • I'm done with Nike, Adidas.....

    ...and anyone else paying kids to attend certain colleges.

    It's there in black and white....where in the past, rich boosters were paying these kids, now it's being done by shoe companies.

    Want this to stop? A good place to start is by punishing these companies by withholding your dollars. Once they see sales drop, they hopefully clean up their act.

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    I'm withholding my shoe dollars due to the fact that most all current running/walking sneaker styles are too wildly colored and bizarre looking to wear with jeans or slacks. When I come across a pair that's half decent looking, they're always sold out until next seasons bizzare fashion trends in running shoes where one is half decent looking (soon to be sold out) and the rest are absolutely clownish looking.
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      If Nike wants to pay me the right amount of money to go to a college of its choosing, I see no problem with that. Too bad it won't do that for the kids in its sweatshops though.


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        Sports is staged entertainment. College is really semi pro.
        stars never go to any classes.

        it's been going on for decades. Youre too late.