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  • Software gripes - Post it here

    I previously really liked using Mozilla's Thunderbird email app for PC. It was non-html, neatly designed and spiffy. So last night I changed my phone number on one of my Google accounts because I'm getting rid of my flip phone for an iPhone. That opened such a shit can of worms when now opening Thunderbird. Things like Google wanting verification everytime I open TB, no matter what fixes I try. It refused to remember me after verifying and check marking "Remember Password" doesn't work. Another hassle is "Authentication failed connecting to email server." My TB settings are exactly the same as before. If you Google any of these problems, there's a shitload of possible fixes and work arounds, some of which go right over the average users head. I tried them all to no avail. Google doesn't like TB because of it's perceived security risks. Too bad cause I liked TB and had been using it for years on my PC (using laptop now, my big PC is in storage). Anyways, I gave up on TB and now just use Gmail. I have important emails and can't take my time resolving TB's issues with Google. Gmail is HTTP web based and clunky, TB isn't and I'll miss it greatly. End of rant.