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The Move To L.A.....3 Years On

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    Ok now that we are getting new members that are former fans its looks like we are back being ok with the hate trolling. This was a safe thread for some venting I get it. Bit im closing it now.

    Also i gave Tom permission to reach out privately to those that chimed in. So discussions about the move can now be taken privately with Paul.



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      Reopened this thread so Tom can continue this study. But ill keep it here in the members section. And since its here in the members section i do not care if former fans vent.

      I just need to keep that off the main forum.


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        Hey everyone,

        Hope you all had a great Christmas. The community here has been very helpful so far with my project and I just wanted to reach out again to see if any body else would be interested in taking part. Happy to send you info via PM if needed.



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          Sorry Tom190797 no traction. I think most dont want to relive the experience. I know its sort of something i dont talk about. Just accept it and move on. Moved this to the SD section. Maybe some former fans can chime in now.


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            San Diego born. For me it’s Chargers all the way. Grew up with the team. If SD got a new will never happen....but if it did I would probably root for SD team bandwagon style. Plenty of people born in San Diego just picked a random team to root for for one reason or another, of course the more popular teams usually. When opposing fans would take over Chargers games plenty plenty plenty of those fans were San Diegans. That’s why it irks me that some former charger fans look down on people who still love the team, you see it in social media all the time. As a San Diegan I didn’t hate other San Diegans for rooting for a team they liked more than the local one and I was fine with opposing fans at our games even tons of them. I think it’s childish to feel otherwise and These feelings are the main ones that I wouldn’t feel obligated to try and change teams. For one reason or another I always want to say something to people on social media who try and shit on people for remaining Chargers fans. I thinks it’s bullshit and I can’t resist calling it out. Cheer for whatever team you want to, it’s fun when everyone locally can get behind the local team but that’s only fun if they win or have built up a history with their fanbase. Yes most charger fans are in Southern California and the reality is even though LA doesn’t love the team as much as SD did just talked to a guy in my office for business from la who was a charger fan happy they moved close me for him to go to games and there is way more people for them to attract in LA to build a history with if they get great players win a play great games while they are in LA even if other teams will always have longer history’s and therefore be more popular.
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