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OT: Joe Musgrove Pitches the First Padre No-Hitter

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    Pretty cool indeed as a SD native. Ironic...and about damn time we have possitive news for a SD team lol.

    I went to school with Joes uncle and im NOT saying i have a path to know Joe. Ive never met him.

    I just want to let it out that if anyone knows his Uncle, Ed Musgrove, he was a SD Sheriff for years and retired and is now on the San Marcos City Counsel. He is a great guy and if you know who he is, Ed is Joe Musgrove's Uncle.
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      Originally posted by 21&500 View Post

      Believe me I get it, I just would have appreciated a sincere form of recognition in between a few jabs.
      I literally woke up to 4 different texts from Dodger friends/family pointing out how many no-nos they claim (like before the Padres were a franchise) but they all recognize the moment as a real achievement. No doubt I would if the Dodgers had one today.
      no hard feelings.
      Padres have a lot of ground to cover, it’s going to be fun to watch for years.
      No worries, any No Hitter is amazing.

      To be fair I think the Padres have a hell of a team this year, the Gnats, Rockies and D-bags look terrible. It should be a fun season down to the wire with the Dodgers and Pads. It seems the NL West has been a 1 good team division for a long time now, when 1 team (who ever it is dominates) and the rest suck.


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        I passed on the chance to go to the game. My friend was at the game. So were my in-laws.

        Congrats to the Pads and Musgrove.


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          Originally posted by Parcells View Post
          I passed on the chance to go to the game. My friend was at the game. So were my in-laws.

          Congrats to the Pads and Musgrove.
          That was like a buddy of mine.....a big Dodger fan.......He left a game early to "beat traffic" only to listen to Vin Scully describe Kirk Gibson's iconic WS home run while he was on the 110.



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            Baseball without bases: Jacob deGrom has K’d 50 of the 101 batters he’s faced. MLB players currently have around 1,000 more strikeouts than hits. ...
            a lot of substances being used on baseballs this year to increase spin rate and movement.
            Now, if you excuse me, I have some Charger memories to suppress.