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    Didn't watch last night's game, but sounds like they pulled it out, barely.

    This team drives me nuts because of stuff like this (from the espn article)
    Los Angeles led nearly throughout and was up 111-98 with 3:42 to go before the Mavericks went on a 15-2 run to pull even.
    They love to get loose/sloppy/and play poor defense at inopportune times.
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      Ingram brushing off LeBron is not a good look.

      More and more I think Ingram will be used as a trade piece before the deadline. With the new untouchables being Lonzo, Hart and Kuz.

      Starters: Rondo, Hart, LeBron, Kuz, JaVale

      2nd team: Lonzo, Pope, Lance, Ingram, Chandler.
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        chandler has made a big impact in the short time has a laker..

        and how about the surprising clippers , 8-5 , big win last night against the curry-less warriors..tbh couldn't name 1 current clipper on the roster..


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          I know the NBA doesn't call traveling anymore, but holy smokes.

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            Nice win by Kawhi and his team!


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              Originally posted by 21&500 View Post
              This is a bit off topic but I just wanted to react to Kawhi's game winner last night... WOW!!
              SDSU alum/number 2 fan here
              they the north alright!!
              Kawhi Vs Greek Freak was the matchup I've been dying to see, can't wait.
              I was watching Gm 5 with my daughter and she asks who i'm for. I'm for Toronto all the way, i reply. But but the warriors are CA, we're from CA. I said no, my dear sweet child, the Warriors are NoCal, we are SoCal - they don't even like us up there. We are Toronto fans this year because Kawhi is our man and he is San Diego!

              Dude is the most valuable player in NBA, hands down. Congrats to him, (ok, ya got me - really idgaf about Toronto)


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                Got my #8 Kobe jersey on for work today. RIP Kobe.