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Chargers give up 532 yards of offense, create NO turnovers, and still win the game.

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  • Chargers give up 532 yards of offense, create NO turnovers, and still win the game.

    Chargers give up 532 yards of offense to Browns, create no turnovers, and still win the game.

    My mind is boggled!

    Last week I was praising the defense.

    This week all Hail Herbert and Eckler

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    This week...the play calling was spectacular. Joe Lombardi game ball.


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      Point #1. Both defenses played hard. Both were defeated by superior offenses.

      Point #2. This game shows we can conform to the situation. The Browns game plan was to run it down our throat and sling it to bury us in a blowout. Okay well take em' to the deep water. In the famous words of Snoop Dogg. "If the biatch can't swim that biatch is bound to drizown'. (translation: If you cannot hold your breath you are bound to drown.) 26 4th-quarter points. Opposing NFL teams you have been warned.


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        We lost the turnover battle too.

        Herb has a crazy day 5 pass tds and a rush td…0 ints, 400+ yards….a few drops in there too. What else does this kid have up his sleeve?

        i csnt wait to see the locker room celebration


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          Well that's going to hurt the defensive ranking this week LOL
          ESPN Screename: GoBolts02


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            Huge win and I think the defense is going to be ok not worried yet and maybe there is a bit of mental fatigue and Staley brings a lot of knowledge and info to digest. Derwin was all over the place today and when it mattered the defense stepped up on the Browns last possession and kept everybody in bounds.


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              How many yards did that vaunted Cleveland defense give up?


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                Chargers find another way to win


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                  Originally posted by Jagged View Post
                  How many yards did that vaunted Cleveland defense give up?
                  493 yards for the Chargers.
                  3/3 on 4th down.
                  4/4 red zone performance
                  Amazing performance by Herbert and the Offense against a good Browns defense!

                  And, team penalties were "only" 6 for 49 yards, a HUGE improvement.


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                    We just don't have the studs in the middle of the D to stop the run this year.
                    How soon before other teams routinely go for it on 4th against us because of Herbert?


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                      The tackling was pretty bad today, and that was a big part of giving up yards.

                      The front 7 was not doing that good of a job in their run fits. Guys were not being physical at the line and knocking the Browns OL and taking on the blocks, and getting off the blocks. Didn't let them squeeze down the holes and gave some big cutback lanes.

                      About half the plays our run D was OK or better, but the other half were really bad. Most of the yards came on the really bad.


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                        Never easy laying it all on the line against the Raiders and then expecting to dominate the Browns on a short week. I think the guys on D were a little gassed. But its no mystery we are really bad against the run. We are not far off from having a great defense. That miss by Adderley was atrocious. Between that and the Ekeler fumble that led to 3...thats 10 points that shouldn't have happened imo.

                        Could have easily held them to 32 points. Who knows. I just think the D is better than this.

                        Grateful we had these last 2 games at home.