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Are You More Optimistic Than You Were at Any Point in the Philip Rivers Era?

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  • Are You More Optimistic Than You Were at Any Point in the Philip Rivers Era?

    Not yet
    The same, late 2006 was awesome

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    I’m more optimistic about the future because I think Herbert is better than Rivers at the same stages of their careees and Staley will prove to be better than Norv and maybe Marty.

    but I was more optimistic about our team in 2006. I think we were the best team in the NFL that year. Our defense was loaded and we had the MVP at RB


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      I have never been more optimistic as a Charger fan. As much as I loved Rivers I always would cringe when they got the ball back late in the games. Rivers was not a good late game QB. The mentality between him and Herbie is vast. I look at Herbie and he has ice running through his veins. Rivers just looked like panic was setting in. Throw in the forward thinking of Staley and the cap space coming up next year and beyond. It's not even close in my opinion, but these are rare times coming up for Charger fans.


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        I said not yet. I’m much higher on Herbert than Rivers, and while I liked Rivers and he was a favorite, Herbert just has a lot more from both a talent and composure/clutch standpoint.

        But in 2006 I thought the Chargers were the clear best team in the league, and this year there are a lot more good teams to challenge them, like Buffalo, KC, Cleveland, Baltimore. It’s still possible the Chargers might only be the wildcard team (I’m not writing off KC yet) or would have to play 3 playoff games because of the bye format change.

        So for this year, no. But overall for the next few years? With Staley, then yes.


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          I had much higher optimism for that 2006 team for the same reasons jamrock mentioned. But I see a better all around QB in Herbert and better HC in Staley. How many times would Rivers been sacked yesterday? Herbert is so good at getting away from pressure, not just side-stepping but actually getting away. There were some throws on the run yesterday that Rivers wouldnt have made...he's almost the worst QB when it comes to moving and throwing...Herbert makes so many on-the-move throws look so easy.


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            2006, 2007 and 2009 we had stronger squads with an up and coming pro bowl QB and GM who seemed to make all the right moves initially. It was a pretty exciting time.

            However Herbert and now Staley (who I think will end up making Telesco a better GM) have dynasty potential. Right now its all potential and I am not sure if we have the over all squad to win a Superbowl at this point so we still have some building to do. Those 3 specific years of Rivers I mention we had realistic shot at a Superbowl I felt.

            So I felt more exicted about those Rivers teams but I am more excited about our long term future potential now than I have ever been.
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              I said not yet. Two reasons: 1. Still haven't got close to the SB yet. 2. We still have an owner named Spanos.


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                The 14-2 Marty team was the one...with Lt/Merriman etc. All except for the Marlon McCree fumble I think we would have been there. It was 4th down. Just knock it down. To this day I still can't believe it.

                If this team makes the playoffs...we can see then more clearly if any optimism is warranted.

                For now hopeful is a better word.


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                  Shit it’s week to week for me I still can’t believe we won yesterday.


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                    I loved Rivers but he could never handle the pressure which is why he doesn't have a ring. He was literally the anti-Brady, playing lights out until you needed him and then watch him underthrow every pass and curl up for sacks that never came, it was heart wrenching to watch game in and game out.


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                      Rivers was just too daggum hot blooded. I always cringed watching him in big moments. I mean, damn. How many fumbled snaps did Rivers have? How many 4th quarter ints??

                      To me, the difference is this: Herbert is clutch.

                      He’s got ice water in his veins. That’s what’s needed. That’s what gets you through those big moments.

                      Winning in the NFL is all about rising to meet those big moments. It’s what made Brady the GOAT. It’s what will make Herbert the next GOAT.
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                        I was certain '06 was "our year".

                        We all know what happened in January of '07 and worse, what happened in
                        February, thanks to Spanos and Smith.

                        Following that debacle; despite the '07 playoff run and fine '09 season, I never
                        returned to the optimism following the hiring of career loser Turner and then a
                        string of first-time HC's.

                        This first-time HC is simply different.

                        If believing we have a shot at having both this year's "Coach of the Year" and
                        this year's MVP-which I do, then I guess this means "Yes"...I'm more optiomistic
                        than any time since '06.
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