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Schedule Release: Who Do You Want Week 1? Where Did We Get Screwed?

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    Originally posted by Bearded14YourPleasure View Post

    Raiders are switching to a whole new offense (and defense) with McDaniels, they will not be full go come week 1 just like our offense was not full go week 1 last year. Yes we have some new starters but Mack, Callahan, and SJD all have experience in this system so it’s not like they’re starting from scratch. Austin Johnson at NT isn’t going to have a ton to learn about how to play in the D and JC will presumably be shadowing the top WR for most of the game so again, not a ton to learn with the D. Mahomes meanwhile has to get up to speed on an all new group of WR and learn that he doesn’t have Hill’s speed to save him on scramble drills anymore. And KC’s D has a lot of new personnel as well, mostly rookies, as well as losing their defensive leader in Mathieu. Personally I like our chances to get up to speed early in the season on both sides of the ball a lot more than either the Turds (first game with new schemes on both sides of the ball) or the Chiefs (lots of defensive rookies and no established leadership on D and a whole new group of pass catchers outside Kelce). Neither are easy wins but both are definitely winnable games.
    yes, both are winnable but also very losable..... but it really hurts to have to travel for a thursday night game in a super loud stadium against the well coached division winner for last several years.... most road teams lose those thursday night games ....


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      Originally posted by Parcells View Post
      I do really like getting Cleveland in week 5. Hopefully Watson gets at least a six game suspension. I have a hard time thinking it won’t be at least that. It’s a REALLY bad look for the NFL.
      I do too. Th weather potentially could still be good. The game in 2018 the weather was good in Cleveland. It came in week 6. This year it takes place in week 5.


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        Originally posted by 21&500 View Post
        I keep think about how much it would help to at least clinch a playoff spot before having to win IN denver week 18.
        Can't leave it up to one game with the amount of upgrades we made this offseason.
        You know there is a strong possibility that is exactly what happens right? It’s how we roll.


        • Originally posted by Boltdiehard View Post

          You know there is a strong possibility that is exactly what happens right? It’s how we roll.
          Yes. I can't imagine the national and local media reactng to Herbert not in the playoffs for his first 3 years.
          It won't matter if it was a bad call, botched snap, or injuries, that just can't happen.
          I could see Staley potentially fired in response.
          So important to go at least 1-1 through KC

          Sorry for mount saint hellensing on y'all
          Classic 'Roo > time


          • If the Chargers win 3 at home against VEG, JAX, DEN and SEA
            And if they win 2 at KC, HOU and CLE
            They will be in the driver seat at the bye.


            • Ever since I saw this schedule I've thought; what a great opportunity to knock off two division opponents to start the season!
              Surprise us with a Super Bowl win!