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As A Fanbase We Have Got To Be More Positive

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  • As A Fanbase We Have Got To Be More Positive

    Some of you have already counted us out next week. If you constantly think terrible things about this team....terrible things will happen. We have to start being more positive as a fanbase. Couple mistakes early in the game against Denver and thats it...we are done. All hope is lost.

    This zero hope and faith attitude is bad for moral here. Its bad mojo for the team. If you are that down on the team and are intent on flushing everything down the toilet then cut back on posting or something. We are a community filled with hope. Filled with faith.

    Things start looking bad then start behaving more positive. You will be shocked with the results. If you follow me on twitter you will see im a pretty strong and positive supporter. Yes we have looked bad in recent weeks but we travel well.

    This is a big game. Its time we start acting like our team just went 12-4. Rivers has had monster games for us this year. We are going into this game against the Ravens getting some shitty play out of the way. Id rather play the Ravens a 2nd time in the playoffs then meeting them in the playoffs for our first game against them.

    We will fucking win this game. You gotta believe it. Stop doubting so much. Show some faith. Show some heart. This community is starting to feel the vibes of doubt and its having an impact on us.

    Im sorry i havnt been around much lately. Ive been twittering as we have a huge following there as well. Social Media is slowly taking over forums. I read that gameday thread and it was just "Impending Doom" Galore. You guys know im typically pretty upbeat. We beat the Chiefs and Steelers in their home's. Those games should show you that we are simply never out of a game.

    Gotta believe my friends. And i want this community to rally. Rally the MOJO for these players. Lets make this happen.

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    Yeah i get that. And even tho i havent seen anyone say were out of it already, "havent been kn the forum today". I dont think were out of it.

    But i do think theres a difference with discussing flaws you see in the team as conversation, and not an arguement, i pointed at the lack of fepth in the trenches and we got to get better, and people were fuming mad.. But i get enjoyment out of talking about what i see, whats wrong, whats right, can it be fixed. Questions like that. But that stuff turns into an argument to much.


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      I agree fleet. We have so much to be excited about as a Charger family. Sure this team has holes sure they donít execute perfectly but this team has been fun to watch and has done some stuff this year we will remember for a lifetime.

      Keep the positive mojo flowing dont gett down on individual flaws, thatís what the offseason is for. In the offseason we can talk all about what needs to be updated and thrown out, we can talk about additions and subtractions, but right now is game time, itís playoffs time, itís what we watch for and what the players play for (and lots of money).

      Letís enjoy what we have instead of getting down on what we donít. We have a damn good team, uniquely qualified to go on the road for 4 games and win against great teams. Letís watch Rivers get back to the big dance and try to cement his and Gates legacy, letís watch our young prodigies shine on the big stage.

      Itís 2019 and the Chargers are in still in the hunt for that trophy...what is there to complain about?
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        I wish the game day threads were more positive. But I get that the history with this team has left people jaded.

        I just donít like seeing every false step turned up to 11. And the positives get lost
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          100% positive.........


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            I feel better being on the road than at home. There is no team in the playoffs that we can't beat. We.can do it. A little concerned about our OL play but that's it.

            Twitter is ok but I'd much rather be in a forum with our fans than have to shuffle thru other stuff I don't care about. I am on there as Boltjolt but I rarely say anything about our games on there. I just comment on other stuff, the bad calls, Padres here and there. Not a big Twitter guy.


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              Most of those game day threads are doom and gloom. I go into them hoping to get other Charger fans opinions. Living in Omaha, I get to see a few games a year and rarely get to share them with other Charger fans. I can deal with the doom and gloom and the heightened emotions from good or bad plays (I'm just as guilty as anyone else). I didn't realize there was a twitter option, I may try that next season.


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                  do it best gif GIF
                  Go Rivers!


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                    I agree the mood sours during the game for some. There are what 60-70 plays a game and you can not expect perfection on all plays. The other team can affect execution as well so its not always our team making a mistake. If people want to be glass is half empty on each play there is always something not done perfect.

                    I try to look big picture when i can and a 12-4 season IMO is damn good fans. We are tied for the best record in the AFC and thats impressive for a second season first time head coach. We are relatively healthy too and have Henry coming back as an unknown for Ravens to have to account for. We still stack up well against teams in the AFC. Our Defense has really been a factor IMO and has kept us in games and made stops when we need them. We fight hard and never give in.

                    Our offense is still trying to get its groove back from Gordon going out for those 3 games but as im watching the Doncos game again I think Whiz really was trying to be run oriented to stop the pressure on Rivers. I thinkwe will make adjustments in our favor. I trust our coaches.

                    lets do this...


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                      I really like that Henry is back. He's another quality option for Phillip in the short passing game especially. And his blocking will be welcomed!


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                        Me... I'm way too positive, I am so glad we didnt win the division, we suck at home, we are Road Warriors, we play to the level of our competition, which now is a good thing, we like to be the challenged underdog. We are going to win.

                        Weddle, you are going to the be one with tears at the end of the game.