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  • Rosen

    Take with a grain of salt. Not a huge Albright fan. But fans are eating this shit up. It was sort of a nothingburger early in the process to me. I dont dislike Rosen. This is a tough offense. You need to be smart. He has some tools. I think the Cards want to move him. I dont think the liars month take applies here. I think the Cards want to move Rosen.

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    Simple question:


    We have far more pressing needs to use that pick for.
    “We’ve got a good team. You see how we played for three quarters.” --Mike McCoy


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      This is Rivers last year under contract. Im hoping he stays for a couple more. But we dont know whats happening behind the scenes. Maybe he plans on retiring despite suggesting he has a few more years to go. Its probably up to him. Rosen's contract is fairly affordable. Not bad at all for a back up. Protect Rivers now and also have the FQB of the future.

      But i guess that depends on if you think he has the tools.

      But to use a late 2nd....may even be a 2020 pick.....not necessarily this year, on your QB of the future without having to use 3 1st rounders to get him makes a little bit of sense to me. At least if i believe he has what it takes. I cant answer that personally. Its been a long time since i felt like doing DD on a qb was needed. At least for the top rated guys.

      I sure was ok drafting Mahomes though. lol. I think i was pretty vocal about him being a stud QB prospect. As well as Run DMC in that same draft. But i was just thinking value and BPA at that point. I was also a Reddick and Hooker fan and they havnt done much.


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        Is it clickbait ?

        Just now, the rumor is NYG are offering their two for Rosen .
        We play modern defensive football...with a few old fashioned wrinkles.


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          Yeah i saw a fake Garafolo tweet going around. But apparently its Klatt floating the rumors.

          According to Joel Klatt of Fox Sports, three teams are "very interested" in acquiring Josh Rosen from the Cardinals.

          Those three teams are the Chargers, Giants and Patriots. It makes sense as Philip Rivers, Tom Brady and Eli Manning are all nearing the finish line and Rosen would be an ideal successor for any of the three. Per Klatt, one team has already offered Arizona a second-round pick for Rosen, though the Cardinals are apparently holding out for a first-rounder. With newly-minted coach Kliff Kingsbury making no effort to hide his deep infatuation with reigning Heisman-winner Kyler Murray, the Cardinals may not have much leverage in talks for Rosen. The UCLA alum labored through a difficult rookie season in 2018, though coaching turnover and a weak supporting cast were at least partially to blame for his struggles. The 22-year-old would probably benefit from a change of scenery.


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            I don't mind making that sort of move for the future of the franchise, especially if a Rivers contract extension may be in question. BUT, is Rosen that guy? I just don't get that vibe that he is now or will be in the future a franchise qb?
            I'll ride the wave...where it takes me.


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              And why the Taylor contract??


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                Originally posted by blueman View Post
                And why the Taylor contract??
                This crossed my mind when reading this rumor. Why sign Taylor if you are going to trade for Rosen? Can't imagine carrying 3 QBs for at least 2 years.


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                  You cant really just hope you get a guy like Rosen to back up Rivers and let decent FA back ups get signed elsewhere. From a business standpoint you have to bring in a guy that is somewhat capable. Pronto. And i say somewhat capable because most teams have back ups that probably dont belong in the league. Goes to show you how small the starting caliber QB fraternity is. Its one of the reasons why we see such a massive shift to RPOs and mobile QBs. It opens up a players skillset and gives him more options to be successful. The days of pure pocket passers are dwindling it would seem. Obviously its helping college teams. The NFL has in the past gone through trends based off of college. A lot of trends even start at the HS level. There is a major shift towards innovation in football and playcalling. Coaches are getting younger because of it. The days of doing things the oldschool way are becoming less popular. Even though the Pats just crucified us with old school football. lol

                  I got into a heated debate with BKR here regarding the inevitable move towards making the RB great again thing. And said guys like Gurley and Gordon would be first rounders who were drafted high. Many said no way they would. That the day of the RB was long gone. Its a pure passing league etc. And now we are going back through the trend of RBs getting drafted high again. Trent Richardson being the one who nailed the coffin shut. Who knows maybe when defenses figure out how to stop RPOs we will start to see guys like Rivers...Roth and Eli again. Constantly trending in the NFL and a lot of it has to do with college trends. Thats my belief anyways.

                  If we trade for Rosen if prefer it be a future pick. And it might bum me out because i would really start to wonder if Rivers was winding down. I would also love to see Rivers end up coaching our QBs and taking over OC eventually. But he isnt exactly innovative having spent most of his career playing one style of QB.


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                    I'll believe it when it happens. Til then I'm not buying that we are willing to give up a 2nd for him to sit the bench after signing Tyrod.
                    Here is a very fair assessment of Rosen who indeed needs to get faster at assessing his progressions and getting rid of the ball faster.


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                        Originally posted by Fleet View Post

                        Great talking point.
                        Food for thought.
                        Also...see the Philadelphia model.
                        Howie Roseman has never regretted having several QBs at once..
                        Carson Wentz. Nick Foles. Sam Bradford. et al.
                        QBs unde rcontract can be very liquid quite easily.
                        If not now, later.
                        Ed McGuire has got this.
                        We play modern defensive football...with a few old fashioned wrinkles.