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POLL: Should the Bolts sign a FA CB?

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    This guy was awful in his last season playing. The Chargers managed to sign the only CB that may actually be worse than Brandon Facyson.

    Based on these stats, there is no way they couldn't find someone better even if they may not know the system as well as this guy. And talent and ability should always be valued more than knowledge of playbook if there is such a large discrepancy in talent.

    They should have given Springs a try since hes familiar with the playbook as well.


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      For what it's worth... some film study on Dontae from 2017...

      Supposedly had 3 picks in preseason this year. 9ers still passed on keeping him on the roster.

      From most of what I've gathered on 9er forums, the consensus is that he is pretty dang horrible.


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        Since he comes from a team playing the same defensive scheme as us, he can be up to speed pretty quickly.

        He is a big CB who looks the part, but is not very instinctive. Better zone guy, not very good in man, but not really great at either. Flashes potential but is a step or two late too often. Doesn't necessarily blow coverages, but just not aggressive like so many of our secondary guys are. He might be an adequate reserve. and may even be better than that if we get lucky and he finally "gets" it.

        But mostly he is a fill-in guy who can play ST and play CB in an emergency.