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  • 2021 Outlook Poll

    I have to say I have been a Charger fan from day one. Never have I strayed. All these decades.

    Please tell me if you're like me.

    With a new O'line and DJ coming back. No more 1 score losses by Anthony "Almost" Lynn.

    Would you say at this time you are looking forward to 2021 season more than any other year? (2007 was close for me).

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    Hard to compare but I've never been more excited or optimistic, and that's including 2007.
    As things open up, I'm meeting Charger fans everywhere I go (around SD)
    I make sure to give a shout out to anyone sporting Bolts gear because I want my town to 1 day look like 2006 again
    I ask every raider wear scumbag if they're ready for last place haha
    2021 4 Roo
    10 > 15 see it/believe it
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      After the rookie season Justin Herbert had, it's impossible to *NOT* be excited for the season, particularly after the frame-off restorations that have been done on the O-line and special teams.

      The return (hopefully!) of Derwin James provides a similar revitalization to the 'D'.

      Brandon Staley has been a difference-maker in the careers of many of the guys he's coached.

      From pretty much every angle there is, the Chargers figure to be bringing a better team to the field in 2021.


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        I voted yes. I havent been this hyped since 2007 offseason entering 2008. Coming off the AFC Championship most news outlets had us penciled in the big game vs the Cowboys. Its little more diffcult this time because the division is much harder.


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          So much to hype for us Bolt fans. Herbert alone is enough to make us anxious for this season. The new HC is such a refreshing interview that he gives me hope for a brighter future.
          Surprise us with a Super Bowl win!


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            My previous "most hyped" was when we hired Don Coryell. Don was a SD St Aztecs hero and Air Coryell with Fouts was special.

            If Brandon Staley's Modern Football lands true in all three phases, ????
            This will be an exciting ride with our roster.



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              Originally posted by sonorajim View Post
              My previous "most hyped" was when we hired Don Coryell. Don was a SD St Aztecs hero and Air Coryell with Fouts was special.

              If Brandon Staley's Modern Football lands true in all three phases, ????
              This will be an exciting ride with our roster.

              Coryell...yes, a very good comp to Staley...agree, Staley looks to be an intelligent, innovative coach similar to the Don...excited for this season...


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                If I was to vote, I would probably vote NO. The reason being that I have been a charger fan since Balboa Stadium in 1962 and I have always looked forward with renewed hope and positive
                outlook to every season since the first. Not to be negative about the hope and faith that everyone has in the Chargers next year, but I can't say I am looking more forward to this coming year then any year
                that I've been a fan. Even in Europe for 12 years, SE Asia in the Army and now 35 years in Oregon, I have always been a hopeful that they will become what we want them too.
                Of course, there is extreme faith and hope that the new coaching staff can finally get to the ultimate game and also WIN IT!!!!!!!


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                  Ill let you know if Derwin makes it thru TC and Preseason healthy. But im more optomistic with Staley than with Lynn.
                  More optomistic than ANY OTHER year? Cant say i am. Dont think this is the best team we have had but I like the coaching staff right now.
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                    It's really hard not to love what we have in Herbert, and a rebuilt offensive line. James is back, Tranquil is back. Everyone seems healthy! A new coach always brings optimism.

                    But, I also have Chargers football PTSD or something, too many times I've gone in full of sunshine and lollipops and come out the other side beaten to a pulp. So, I have a hard time being optimistic about what the season will bring anymore. I keep waiting to see who is gonna get injured, and when are Staley's coaching faults going come to the fore etc. I'll be ecstatic if everything comes together, don't get me wrong. But, I find hope very difficult.

                    <insert Debbie Downer gif here>


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                      Here are my reasons for saying ‘yes’:

                      1. Brandon Staley - His energy is infectious. His positivity and love for his players reminds me of Dick Vermeil—but Staley’s got 3X the football IQ. Really want to see his scheme in action, especially with DJ and K9.

                      2. Improved OL - Seems like I’ve been waiting forever for this. The last time I felt this good about our OL was when we had Goff, Dielman, McNeill, and Hardwick. I’m very hopeful for Slater; seems like a true pro.

                      3. Derwin James - Such a difference maker. And like Staley, he’s got that infectious positive attitude. We are a different D with him out there. Makes everyone around him better.

                      4. JH10 - Don’t get me wrong, I liked Rivers, but sometime his blood ran a little too hot, which got him into trouble. JH10 seems to have that ice water in his veins. When all’s said and done, I think Herbie’s gonna be the all-time Chargers QB. And that’s saying a lot.
                      "Picasso…Michelangelo, them boys. Sistine Chapel, stuff like that."
                      -Keenan Allen


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                        Probably not more than any other season in the past, but certainly more than at any time since Norv took over.