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    I’m a sucker, I give it a B+. I loved the picks even if one was a TT special.

    You can see Staley’s input here. Bigger and more physical with the big guys, faster with the small guys.

    This team is being remade before our eyes.

    I see the beginnings of a very physical running game. To go along with last year’s short passing game.

    In a year or two, this could be the most physical team we’ve ever seen.
    Now, if you excuse me, I have some Charger memories to suppress.

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    I'm going for an A, not sure if it is A+ or not


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      Definite solid A. We just got a lot more physical as a team.


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        AJ ghost brought the hammer.
        Now, if you excuse me, I have some Charger memories to suppress.


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          Looks like an A to me but I’m always optimistic


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            Gotta go with an A, just too many upgrades to starters and depth.


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              My "way too early" draft grades are as follows:

              1-17: Z. Johnson (A-)
              3-79: J.T. Woods (C-)
              4-123: I. Spiller (A-)
              5-160: O. Ogbonnia (C-)
              6-195: J. Salyer (A)
              6-214: J. Taylor (C-)
              7-236: D. Leonard (C-)
              7-260: Z. Horvath (C-)

              Overall, I would give this draft a grade of B-. This was a draft that started out well enough but devolved into too many reaches and too many missed opportunities.


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                Coming into the draft RG and RT were the only positions that didn’t have clear cut starters. I think the Zion and Salyer picks will enable us to put out the best 5 up front. Both could play OG and we slide Feiler out to RT or we keep Zion and Feiler at OG and have a 3 way battle for RT with Pipkins, Storm, and Salyer. I feel a lot better about that battle than just Pipkins vs storm. My next big need was a backend defender to free up Derwin underneath, JT Woods checks that box for me. RB2 obviously a worry but Spiller should immediately take care of those worries and Horvath will make sure there is a tough competition for RB3/4. After that CB/OL depth improvements, Salyer obviously fills that hole with the OL and I like the speed and flexibility we brought in to the CB room with Taylor and Leonard. Horvath, Taylor, and Leonard should all be useful additions on ST as well. OO is already giving me SJD vibes as a rotational DL, so another win there for me.

                However there is still a glaring hole for me on this roster and that is EDGE depth. Rumph is currently EDGE3, and a guy from CFL is 4th. If Mack or Bosa miss time that is going to be a huge drop off. If both go down? We have no pass rush. I get this is a rotational spot we are talking about but it’s a very important one to the success of this D and our ability to make a SB run. With no EDGE taken the best I can give this draft is a B+.


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                  So far, 2 B+ and 4 A. I don't count chains vote.


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                    They had some great picks IMO. 2 likely OL starters and a RB who can challenge for the spot. Salyer some had a 3rd rnd grade on. Hopefully Obagannia is also a solid D1T but one of the best in the draft went just 3 spots above them in the 3rd. All the other picks they must have seen what they liked.

                    I think a B+
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                      I am not a draftnik, but i will go with B+. i would have liked to see a pick at EDGE and/or LB, but overall this is very solid. no sexy pics, but we hit a lot of needed areas.


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                        Well I figure that it doesn't matter what I think about the individual prospects but as a whole, Staley essentially restocked the secondary with presumably, "his guys"
                        so no excuses.
                        Classic 'Roo > time