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    Originally posted by Fleet View Post

    Northshore. Great hiking there. Not easy on really hot days. Like to get the cardio in early there. Probably spend 4 hours a day at the gym and hiking. Then attach my kayak to my motorcyle. And his the private lake at the Kuk. While everyone is out kayaking in the ocean ill be on a quiet private lake in the shade ripping the shoreline. Probably a 2 mile kayak all the way around the lake. Part of the workout routine. Im gonna get so ripped again.

    This was me at 40. Gonna get after it again. Let myself go. Full time single dad also impacted the diet and lifestyle.

    Sounds like a plan...if yer gonna work out, so much the nicer when you have cool scenery...


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      Out GOL.
      In Ancient Nutrition Grass Fed Collagen.
      Always in our hearts, 'Roo.


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        Crazy how much the body changes between 40 and 50. lol Finally able to get over 25 on my free testosterone labs. Tripled over the last few months. Naturally


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          Short the life insurance companies the actuarial data is UGLY for males between 18-49 and it’s non COVID related. They’ve never seen anything like it.