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    Something else I would like to say. Having not lived in North America for 15 years now, I am astonished, and not in a good way, at the portion sizes. One of the best ways to control your weight is to start using a side plate to curb your portions when at home. If you go out to eat, eat half of that monstrosity that is often served on a platter.

    Fwiw, I am pushing 50 and weigh 3 lbs less than when I graduated high school (I had less than 4% body fat). I got heavy a few years back from eating and drinking too much. I cut down portion sizes and cut back on beer. I do not drink soda ( my 6 year old has never drank soda) and almost no added sugar. I quit smoking 3.5 years ago (ashamed I ever started, but was raised in a tobacco growing community and my mom smoked until her heart issues).I live on the third floor(16 stairs per floor) and I try not to use the elevator. My grocery store is a half mile away. I walk there for an almost daily shop and carry my groceries back (up hill all the way). I guess what I am trying to say is small things make for big changes and one doesn't need a gym to make a change.
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      Originally posted by Panamamike View Post

      OIP. I strongly suggest hitting the pool for cardio, not running. as we age, running is very hard on the body and joints. Swimming is on of the best overall exercises one can do. Just my .02
      My ankle and calves were screaming after 3 miles today. I had to cut short. I cant wait to get a pool.


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        I'm starting a thread in the Health and Fitness forum. Join in if you want to start getting fit, or if you are already fit, let us know what you're doing.

        LINK To Thread Sign up!
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          GOL Raw Fit Plant Protein Powder.
          Fish oil.
          CoQ 10.
          NAD w/Resveratrol.
          LEF Mix.
          Paradise ORAC Energy Greens.
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            I go to Ono on Sunday, and chase this with a B-Vitamin tablet.


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              The snack of the day is...

              Luke's Organic Cheddar Lightning Bolts.

              A healthy twist on Crunchy Cheetos.

              In the Powder Blue bag.

              The natural cheddar cheese gives the tasty snacks a sunshine yellow tint.


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