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OT: Survived A Widowmaker Heart Attack..

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    Originally posted by Bolt-O View Post

    There was some damage, undeniable from my EKG and echocardiogram, but my heart function is retained. The biggest change will be to have to take meds and watching the diet. I should be ok, as long my heart doesn't over-react to the damage and starts to over-work, leading to cardiomyopathy... its a narrow path to not over-exercise, and taking it too easy.
    Your attack was mich more severe than mine, though at first glance it appeared our episodes were similar. I had an 80% blockage in my left coronary artery. I live in the center of Sacramento, and I was able to get an ambulance immediately, and the hospital was only a few minutes away in the middle of the night. It just so happens that the hospital has one of the best heart units, as a matter of fact I was treated at the Alex G Spanos Heart & Vascular Center at Mercy Hospital in Sacramento. I had one stent inserted and was in the hospital for about two and a half days. My cardiologist said there was little to no damage to my heart and I could be as active as I want. He cleared me to not take medication as long as I kept my cholesterol down, which I have, through diet. I am thankful everyday. I wish you the best and having a full and complete life moving forward.


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      I'm late on this but here is to a speedy recovery.

      If you need to, go hang out in Fleet's zen garden.
      Hashtag thepowderblues


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        Thanks all for the mojo and good thoughts... A little update, I've been ok'ed to do workouts normally, as well as other day-to-day activities. I actually feel pretty good, no pain, and currently no side effects from the medications, and my endurance is fine. Still, I have to watch my diet, which is tough, as I like red meat, and burgers, lol. I have to be on Brilinta for at least a year, and aspirin and Lipitor for ever, as well as BP meds, even though I really had no problem with that, but the docs want to limit the possibility of myopathy . I will be at risk of reoccurence, and I accept that.

        I feel very fortunate that I got to the hospital in good time. Everything I've read about a STEMI in the LAD artery is scary as hell, only one spot where it could have been worse for overall blood supply to the heart. It really didn't feel that bad, it could have just been a nerve pinch, or indigestion.


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          Take care of yourself, Bolt-O!!!!

          Glad you're doing better. Scary.
          For Stinky-Jon-Wizzleteats....

          "Pray for strength and healing oh and money!"


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            Today marks my 3 month survival point. My cardio workouts are fine, just making sure I don't go anaerobic, but I have to start lifting as well...just been avoiding it. I still have 9 months of DAPT to prevent re-stenosis around the stent. Next week I get my echo scan to see if my Ejection Fraction has improved, or scaring has increased, but I feel fine... just bored with not being able to eat what I want. I am am grateful for every day, even though the Chargers lost.