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  • Its not easy calling the D from that MLB spot. White has one offseason learning the middle. Hes not just focused on his gap assignments. He has to know everyone elses. Get everyone lined up. He has the skillset. He will be fine. Missed tackles on this D were brutal. Fundamental football wasnt that evident to me. We will get much better. Derwin made everyone better.

    We will get starters back for the 2nd half of the season so we may have to win games like this. I can tell you this...we tend to always win these types of hard fought games. We used to lose all of them.

    There is no quit. I thought our D players were just slightly off assignments. Game of inches. White is now the QB. He will get better. Football IQ is the issue right now. Fundamentals like wrapping up tackles is needed. And i was shocked at how many balls we could have easily swatted by the DBs. Yet they got threaded through arms and hands. Both teams had a lot of luck.

    And thats football. This team was considered a top 5 team with Luck. I am a huge fan of Brissett. I wanted us to trade for him as Rivers back up. He will have a good year.

    Im moving on to the Lions. I expect another close one.


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      you know that they didn't kill the deer, right?
      Tell that to the deer strapped to the hood of Mike's car...