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    Originally posted by DerekReed98 View Post

    You right about the time in pocket thing that’s my bad didn’t even realize. As for the rest there’s so much wrong with what you just said I’m just gonna let it go. You have a wonderful night.
    I have done that before too, I am just that guy like that guy was to me when I first started, to remind each other to tighten that game up. Olive branch is passed on haha. I've been on CMB since 2006 so trust me, it wasn't perfect at first.

    And rest would just have to agree to disagree.

    Reason why I said use less emotion in your argument is that because, that's you last line of defense. Once you let it out there its hard to walk back on. Because with such commitment, its going to hurt the ego and soul a little to walk back on even if you want to.


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      Originally posted by gzubeck View Post

      This is like two strangers seeing the same thing and drawing completely different conclusions. Hurts was scrambling for his life against the Baylor defenders. This was not a walk in the park for hurts.
      This happens all the time, even when watching Charger games lol. Draft pundits disagreeing on players and why I don't bother reading some so called experts opinions.


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        Inside Players and Edge Players Activate and Express Yourself!!!


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          Originally posted by Critty View Post
          I had Herbert so I'm good, but A LOT of posters have to come in here to eat crow


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            Master of Puppets shall now be known simply as... "Master".

            Who you got @#6 this year...?